Contemporary Design: 55 East Erie - Chicago, Illinois

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A 2nd-century Syrian mosaic is the focal point for the wet room. which includes a whirlpool tub, steam shower. and his-and-hers rain showers, showerheads, and body spray nozzles. An additional set of interior windows was constructed to maintain the view, seal the room, and allow for maintenance of the structure's original windows. Ardhanarishvara-the deity Shiva in his half-male, half-female form-keeps watch over balhers from the bath ledge.

A Chicago design mainstay since 1986, Reddington Designs balances color, texture, and scale to create sleek, sophisticated spaces. Finding the right balance between artistic minimalism and an inviting space can be a tricky endeavor, but Carol Salb and her team excel at designing contemporary homes that are both visually stunning and exceptionally comfortable. Reddington Designs brings an elevated level of inherent hospitaIity to contemporary Iiving spaces through the careful placement and illumination or furnishings and artwork, and a thoughtful balance of finishes and textiles. They are experts at creating floorplans that flow easily from room to room and maximize spectacular views. Whether concealing a television behind an impressive piece of art or adding discreet, functional storage for personal items, the spaces created by Reddington Designs prove to be livable and practical in addition to being beautifuI.

He wanted a modern, masculine, sleek concept for the living room, while she wanted the space to feel inviting, feminine, and warm. To balance these desires, we furnished the living room with subtly curved seating, luxuriant, rugs. and custom lighting programs to transform the rectilinear room. Floor-to-ceiling drapery panels soften the large expanse of windows which overlook the city. One of the homeowners' favorite lighting settings is “sunrise” which allows them just enough light to sip their morning coffee on their curvy chaise as the sun emerges over Lake Michigan.

"Good design is a balance: angular rurnishings paired with warm texliles, light and shadow, mascuIine elements with feminine elegance."       -- Carol Salb

The deeply colored eucalyptus paneling embraces all who enter. An antique statue of Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, creates a stunning focal point and is positioned to bless family and guests as they arrive. Flanking the statue are fresh orchids and antique, hand-painted silk panels from China.

Hidden behind the Tay custom paneling are moveable wall panels that divide the dining room and kitchen into two rooms. This allows the homeowner to easily shift from an open, casual plan for day-to-day living to a formal dining room with the kitchen closed off for catered events.

A working home office can be beautifuI as weI as functionaI. The custom-designed eucalyptus desk, bookcase, and storage space for office supplies were buiIt in for a clean, organized look and topped with a limestone counter replete with fossils. As an avid reader and writer, it was important for the homeowner to have her book collection at her fingertips. With frequent visits from family and friends, converting the office into a guest bedroom became a necessity. A built-in Murphy bed and slubbed silk walls create a welcoming retreat for their guests.

The master bedroom was deliberately designed with enough floor space for the couple to dance, practice yoga, and occasionally roll their Ping-Pong table out of the closet to play a game or two. We used sumptuous textures for the seating, bedspread, flooring, and fabric paneled bed wall to balance the cold hardness of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and mirrors.

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